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The Village for sale in Cilento if estende its surface di di 30.000 m., all’ombra di una fitta alberatura di olive trees, as well as secular and boundless is the beauty of our coast, varied from large and small sandy beaches and cobbled, caressed by a sea that goes from cobalt blue to turquoise. It offers many amenities including a large swimming pool, theater-amphitheater, multi-field soccer, tennis, soccer, children's playground, and mini-bar and more. The property has Villini, Bungalows, Chalet sites for tents and caravans and campers, all with columns for ';supply of water and electricity. Private beach concession. Negotiations for the sale is reserved. More information on request. Rif CV492

Because of its location, is an ideal base for day trips to cultural and naturalistic across the National Park of Cilento, as well as in ';archaeological area of ​​';old Velia-Elea or in the archaeological park of ';old Paestum. A few kilometers away you can admire the wonderful caves of Palinuro, di Castelcivita and Perth, the magnificent Certosa di Padula, the ghost towns of Roscigno old and San Severino di Centola, the wonderful Cathedral of Policastro, Roccagloriosa with the remains of civilization and Lucan Teggiano with its castle and numerous countries of medieval origin that surround it and so much more that never make sated your thirst for knowledge.

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