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Hotel in Vendita in Veneto-Venezia-Murano-Hotel-5-Stelle:

Realization and sale hotel in Venice- Murano. On offer ';Murano island the realization keys in hand of the prestigious 5 star deluxe hotel.

The;property located directly overlooking the channel and has an area of ​​about 5900 much of which is covered where it will grow about 76 different types of rooms as well as a number of other local services including a swimming pool, The ristruturazione and restoration was developed by a team of architects, engineers, interior designer, that characterized the maximum drawing on the great tradition of Murano glass. There are plans and renderings for a better understanding of this beautiful and complex operation that will stand, After completion, as a unique example in the panorama of ';luxury accommodation. The request is appropriate and reasonable to the uniqueness of the product.

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