Sell ??with us


Sell-with-usWe offer a full service commercial advice and technical assistance, which analyzes the well by developing a detailed and informative, second cases, real feasibility plans for the transformation and enhancement of ';immobile.

We aim to offer ';assistance of a structured and organized group of about fifteen professional technicians among architects, graphics, engineers and surveyors can carry out surveys and inspections technician -; planning for asset valuation, its modifiability and its possible enhancement on the basis of location and market.


Survey study evaluation of any optimization process typical hotel company, whether it is related to the area that Trade Management.

Preparation of organizational projects and / or re-organization; definition of development programs, creation of new business models framed in comprehensive business plan, identification of the concept of product / service design and construction and start-up. Discounting in the field of the same projects.

We are looking all over the national territory tourist facilities, hotel, Hotels, land, projects, buildings, dimore d’;time, brownfield sites and / or to recover from offer to our customers in Italy and in the World.

If you wish to contact us for an alarm, visit the site or simply send us an email for an opinion by filling out the contact page ';appropriate form on the contact page. 'll Return your call within 24 hours.

Associated Fimaa and insured against occupational risks for € 1.000.000