To protect the privacy of our customers and in order not to create any disturbances in the normal course of ';activities of the structure put up for sale, Ads are not accompanied by photographic documentation but only a text with key information that allows instant evaluation by the ';users, because in addition to the major news about this structure is known the region or geographical area, or the province or the town where insists the property. The;user visiting the site searching will know very well if you want to invest in a hotel, a farm, or any other structure in Sardinia rather than in Tuscany, Veneto in Rome or, Padua, or in a small village, sea ​​rather than in the mountains, and so saying. So we apologize for not being able to immediately meet, all’;instant, the potential customer but we prefer to be a little '; “;obnoxious "; or little available in this first phase, However, we are fully convinced that the privacy of those who, with confidence, It makes use of our services to achieve a goal, It is more important than any other reason. For the above reasons it is necessary to sign a LOI (letter of interest) which, however, has no obligation to purchase but the sole purpose of being able to know exactly who requires us the necessary details to be able to relate our customers even. They exclude any tax or accounting document in our possession that will be provided only subject to the consent of the property and accrediting with us. Thanks for letting us read.