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Hospitality School Ltd. is a school founded with the goal of designing, develop and provide training in the hospitality sector using the expertise of professionals in the hospitality industry. The courses offered are designed and developed on the real needs of professional integration of the hotels partners, strengthening and consolidating in this way, the essential relationship between training and the labor market.

Experience of the founders - industry executives and leaders for years in the field of business consulting-was born Hospitality Advice, parallel branch of Hospitality School, specializing in business consulting and customized according to customer requirements. Among the activities carried out by Hospitality Advice: advice for access to and management of projects funded training for companies that want to invest in updating the skills of staff; analysis and development of training plans focused on specific professional; customized training "1 to 1"; organizational analysis customized enterprise; advisory services and training aimed at obtaining the certification of ISO 9002 system; mapping the skills of the management team and the employees of the client company; certification of skills in the hospitality industry; research activities, selection, Management and personnel administration; management of purchasing and Bursar; budget and management control; implementation of Marketing Plans in each phase and subsequent definition of the ideal strategy to reach customers in a targeted manner.

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