Italy won for the seventh consecutive year the Award for "Best Destination in Europe 'by Recommend, one of the major trade magazines. Not decrease, in fact, the interest of Americans in our country: to detect it is the Director of ENIT North America, Richard Strange, points out that some visitors will be limited to contain their own costs by opting for less luxurious hotels and apartments for rent, especially for family holidays; while those without budget restrictions have continued to choose 5-star hotels and luxury.
The strategy to promote ENIT Italy on North American soil in 2012 will focus on expanding
tourism products preferred by the travelers 'repeaters', representing 40% of the American tourist market; and on vacation packages for travelers who traditionally depart from Rome and continue to Florence and Venice.

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News: From the Government, April 2012

Government and businesses are joining forces to attract foreign investments in Italy. "The minister Corrado Passera has asked us to set up a task force between Confindustria and the Ministry of Development to arrive in a few months to draft legislation", Giuseppe Recchi said yesterday, Eni Chairman and the Board of Confindustria foreign investors, during the conference "The more the world in Italy» Milan at the site of Assolombarda.

On the same occasion Passera has confirmed its intention to "recreate un'Ice with ability to help both companies going abroad and those that are already there". The Minister stressed the importance of attracting "in every way," foreign investors: "They need to find vehicles, mechanisms and places to invest. The attractiveness of Italy has waned over time. Now we need to bring the country at the center of the strategies of many corporations, turning stereotypes, making simplifications and creating a channel of communication easier for people to invest ".


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Culture is the oil of ';Italy is worth over 74 Billion year


Culture ";fruit "; the country 5,4% of the wealth, equivalent to almost € 76 billion, e da’; work to one million and 400 thousand people, 5,6% of total employment in Italy, more '; the primary sector or the sector of mechanics.

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December 2012 Italian destination increasingly sought after by Russians, Japanese and American:

The charm of the beautiful country resists the crisis. While in 2012 the unfavorable international situation has dampened the appetite of foreign tourists to the holidays tricolor, with a -1,6% of arrivals (approximately 543 thousand arrivals by less; source: give Istat, provisional) e un -1,8% of admissions (pari a 2,4 million nights ) by ';other, did not deter the guests to spend. The Bank;Italy, in fact, recorded an increase of 2,9% of tourist spending that ";weighs "; positively on revenue of € 22.556 billion for.

These assessments are in line with the results of the usual year-end monitoring trends of tourism conducted by ';ENIT-, through its overseas network, at the largest tour operators who treat the catalog ";Italy "; and operate in key European markets and overseas.

The picture taken from the markets of incoming ';area in the European reference, then, the upcoming Christmas holidays has different lights and some cone d ';shadow: only 42,4% of respondents positive numbers. The ";package for individuals "; is the formula of travel demand and large cities';together with small jewels of art ';Italian province of, confirmed the most popular destinations. Very well the mountain of Trentino Alto Adige, with its range of natural beauty and winter sports, is favored by foreign tourists in Europe. In particular, by the Germans - the first customers of the ';Italian tourist -; with a 4% preference,. are also reported bookings for short breaks in cities';art, strongly favored by the Austrians near.

In reference to ';Europe dell ';Is Russia - secondo the;Survey of ';ENIT - keep doing the lion's share for the year-end holidays, posting a 10% increase in arrivals in Italy. Among the four giants of the BRIC countries, Russia appears to be the most promising market (i russi fanno 1,3 times more trips to ';Chinese foreign, 3,4 times more trips outside the boundary with respect to the Indians and 4,6 times more in reference to Brazilians). Excellent performance, however, even in Brazil, where, second l ';European Travel Commission, l ';interest in respect of ';Italy is very high and sales for Christmas - between 10% and about 18% - always benefit the quintessential artistic goals and medieval villages. Positive results in arrivals holidays of December 25, also from the UAE, from South Korea. More erratic than those from ';Australia.

Good news, instead, always come for Christmas 2012 by operators of overseas countries reporting an increase in sales overall 83% compared to last year, with prevailing requests for stays longer than one week to spend in Rome, Venice and Florence. In reference to ';incoming from the U.S. sales of between 5 and 15%; Good feedback also from Canada.

Good also the trend from ';Argentina, with fluctuations of between 5% and 10% approximately.

On the Asian side: beyond the Great Wall: sales packages are more than satisfactory for the Chinese TO,sales with highly variable and finds that exceeds 40%.

Resumption of incoming traffic from Japan whose spending tourists traveling in Italy,

according to the Bank ';Italy in the period January-August, reported a ';Soaring

15,3%, ie EUR 54 million more than in the same period of 2011. A double-digit sales workers interviewed by ';ENIT (between 20 and 60%), while not the Christmas period the favorite for the holidays to ';estuary.

“;Our Monitoring tell us that ';tourist image of ';Italy is positive and that the market appreciates the product line that we present, often expressing a high rating,”; says the new president of ';ENIT, Pier Luigi Celli. “;But our country needs more and more oriented towards the realization of a mature tourist, advanced, where l ';Company must be too ';it a quality factor of ';global offering. We need to present a complete set of facilities, products and services, an integrated system which has as its raw material and the territory as a central point of the system ';welcome ";.

A confirmation of the words of President Celli, also exploit the UK announced that the Bank ';Italy, in the period January-August 2012 will earn the top spot among the major markets of Europe ';incoming with a 16% additional revenue, amounted to € 240 million more than in the same period of the ';previous year.

“;We must be able to form and put in place the best resources of our country, adds the new Director General, Andrea Babbi”;. “;Also because the ";trade "; tourist is subject to sudden changes. Thanks to the Internet today, the journey you can imagine, draw, share, remember, repeat. valuing the spontaneity and the desire to participate. This means that you have a number of opportunities and key tourism promotion that we have not tapped all the way. ";

For 2013, the prevailing signs of cautious optimism on the part of ';OMT (World Tourism Organization) which provides a slight recovery in the international tourist traffic between the two- 4%, which should also take advantage of the ';Italy.