Thehotel 3*** for sale is Montecatini Terme and has 28 rooms with service, has recently been renovated except the top floor with 7 rooms. Inside a small family restaurant. Located near the large green area of ??the spa. C.E. G 100 kWh / mqanno. More info on request. Attractive price € 1.7 M. Possible takeover mortgage. Rif HT081

The city is European Capital of spas. Montecatini Terme is formed and developed around its most precious asset, its waters. One of the most striking characteristics';is the large surface of green that is located in the ";heart "; the city. The spa park occupies 460.000 square feet. A real ";Green Citadel "; close to the spas. Montecatini Terme is a relatively young city that has developed between the ';800 and ';900. Formerly called Bagni di Montecatini, only assumed its present name in 1928 in Montecatini Terme.

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