Isola d’;Elba Camping for Sale

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Isola d’;Elba: Camping large beachfront complex with pitches and caravans, bungalows, boe field, market, 3 groups of, restaurant, pizzeria, bar, pool, all services inside, position among the best of ';Isola d’;Elba. Private treaty. Rif CT0277

Isola d’;Elba: The Mediterranean climate and the ';insularity are the main elements that influence the flora of ';Elba. The original vegetation, made once great forests of oak, survive today coppice. Sull ';isola d’;Elba, the complex nature of the land in the various altitudes favored the presence of chestnut woods documented since the Middle Ages; on the western elevations is to report the presence of the rate, dell’;holly, dell’;black alder and hornbeam. The most common form of vegetation consists of the Mediterranean. Among the examples that characterize the fauna of ';Elba, include species such as the rare Audouin, venturone the course, the sordone, the Tyrrhenian tree frog, discoglosso the Sardinian and Tyrrhenian gecko or tarantolino. The land mammals are typical of ';Mediterranean environment, such as hedgehogs and martens. After ';extinction of the Maremma wild boar occurred around 1802, since 1963 has been introduced, for hunting purposes, wild boar Central, species that has been played out of proportion, causing serious damage to ';Elbano ecosystem. Other input for hunting, in 1976, was that of mouflon, too ';it today supernumerary on the Mont Huts.

Month Gen Feb Sea Apr Mag June July Ago Set There Nov December Year
Maximum average temperature (° C) 12 13 14 16 21 24 27 27 25 20 15 13 18,9
Temperatura minimal media (° C) 8 9 10 12 16 19 22 21 19 15 10 8 14,1
Rain (mm) 61 53 51 47 28 24 13 30 51 82 86 69 595

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