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Piancavallo-Friuli Venezia Giulia Hotel for Sale

Elegant mountain town of Pordenone, branch sees the lifts from the town, consists of some neighborhoods together in a lively tourist village, strongly identified in the size of the Alpine places. Which, 25 km from the beaten paths with the full guarantee of scheduled snowfalls allow you to enjoy, down and along the main routes and along the many variants.
The main components of the tracks are offered Pordenone Salomon, and the National Tublat, which is flanked by, then, and the National High Sauc, characterized by heady walls for the fun of skiers. Also, due to the presence of school camps and also a spacious area for skiers to the first and second steps in the snow can compete in their first descents.
This is accompanied by the park frequented by surfers snow (Radio Park) you can count on a ';rich area of ​​further facilities for exciting developments in the snow.
Also present twenty-six km of slopes, immersed in a beautiful beech forest, for the Nordic skiers.
On site is also very competitive field developed: historical mine of athletes, Piancavallo has established itself as an important place in the years of racing, the European Cup to World Cup.

Given the proximity to the plain, from the highest peaks of Piancavallo, skis, you have a view of the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. A harmonious contrast to, snow and sea, gives a special charm to these snowy peaks.


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