Tourist complex Puglia

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In Puglia, about 60 kilometers from Bari and a few kilometers from Matera, in area of ​​high natural and historical interest, This complex is located on an area of ​​about 26.000 square meters, which includes a botanical garden, a large building for receptions, the other two buildings with a total of 36 mini suites, offices, parking, block services. More info on request. CE G. Rif HP0256. Request 5.9M



The city is looking very curious, is located in three deep valleys in which, with fireworks, and native stone and dry, churches sit above the houses and the hanging beneath these, confusing the dead and the living room. The lights night the fans opinion of a starry sky. Giovan Battista Pacichelli


It is known as the city where lie the relics of St. Nicholas. This privilege has made Bari and its basilica one of the centers favored by the Orthodox Church in Occidente.Bari has a solid mercantile tradition and has always been a focal point in ';field of trade and political and cultural contacts with the ';Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Its port is now the largest passenger port in the Adriatic Sea. Since 1930 he holds the Fiera del Levante in Bari; more recently, the city became the seat of the Secretariat for the Pan-European Corridor. The peculiar historical center (the so-called Barivecchia) is permeated with a long history and is opposed to ';by Murat quarter century ';orderly grid pattern, that best represents the commercial tradition of the city. In the Second World War, l ';rapid and often uncontrolled urbanization has made it less smooth the modern part of the capital, developed beyond the Murat district.


Altamura, as well as for its delicious bread and many architectural, has risen to the headlines in the international arena for the discovery, in the cave system of pulo ";Members ";, dell’;Man of Altamura, a skeleton almost intact (unique in the world) Homo arcaicus.

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