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Tabiano Hotel for Sale

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In the note the spa is placed for sale excellent accommodation and started, l ';hotel has over 40 rooms with bathroom and balcony, restaurant, kitchen, breakfast, bar, pool, technical rooms and staff, apartment manager. The area is about 2100 square meters, installations pursuant, furniture 2009. Request 4M. CE F 140 Kwh/mqanno. Ref HE601


The;mineral water of Tabiano comes from springs and wells. It '; one ';cold water, sulphurous-sulphate-calcium-magnesium strongly mineralized (residuo fisso 180 ° C 3660 mg / l) high in bicarbonates (about 600 mg / l) and a high content of hydrogen sulphide.
Already known in 1800 as the ';more sulphurous water d ';Europe, is still considered among the highest concentration of sulphates in water and sulphurous gas. It is formed by leaching of ';meteoric water-carious limestone rocks formed in the area during the Messinian tabianese and is used after a long journey into the depths of the earth.
The sources combine therefore the purity of a ';intensely filtered water, the richness and potential of mineral salts formed millions of years ago.

The Tabiano offer personalized treatments and specific for each disease, based treatment protocols tested and monitored by specialists in each branch, with concrete results validated also by the constant clinical research.
The;sulphurous thermal water, among the richest in sulfur in europe, represents a unique natural heritage with its extraordinary therapeutic efficacy for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases of bronchi, ear, nose and throat.
If you afflict frequent colds, bronchitis, persistent coughs, rhinitis or laryngitis, sinusitis or allergies to Tabiano will find the right therapeutic proposal, because the Tabiano are the spas of breath.