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Chianciano Terme Hotel sale deal

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Hotel for sale in Chianciano Terme, famous spa resort in Tuscany. The;The property is located in the center of a green park, the location is very central, halfway between the city center and the spa. The;Hotel has a main building and a second one, according to this provision:

  • Rooms with bathroom n.78, of which 55 doubles and 23 singles, for a total of 133 beds;
  • Independent breakfast room 153 m2.00;
  • Dining room 360 m2.00;
  • Living rooms with attached bar 370 m2.00;
  • Main conference room 150 m2.00, secondary conference room 110 m2.00 ( the two rooms can be connected to become a single party room of 260 m2.00);
  • Solarium mq 120.00;
  • Terrace 130 m2.00;

Rooms with bathroom n.27 all doubles, for a total of n beds. 54;

  • Multipurpose room 100 m2.00;
  • Solarium mq 260.00;
    Basement garage 340 m2.00;
  • Basement garage II 360 m2.00.
    Main features external courtyard with total extension of land owned by 12200 m2.00 of which:
  • Covered surface area of ​​buildings 3000 m2.00
  • Parking 1200 m2.00;
  • Garden 1000 m2.00;
  • Land of relevance arranged in natural greenery 7000 m2.00.
    Other property features:
  • Specific restaurant license;
  • Private pedestrian access to the spa;
  • Private electrical transformation cabin.

The property is remarkable compared to the economic request which promises to be a real bargain.
For further information it is necessary to sign a non-binding letter of interest.
Rif HC58

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In zona centralissima Hotel di oltre 40 camere con ampia sala lounge e reception, restaurant, pool, solarium, apprezzato per la sua posizione vicino a tutti i servizi e alla “;movida”; chiancianese. Possibilità di acquisire grande bar con grande spazio esterno coperto per cene, weddings, feste in genere.

La proposta di vendita, per raggiunti limiti di età del proprietario, è interessante in quanto si cede immobile (oltre 2000 mq) and licenses, price on request Ref H392 NON DISPONIBILE

Sold Hotel a Fiuggi

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Vicino a Roma nella rinomata città di Fiuggi rinomata per le sue benefiche acque, in posizione centrale e vicino alle fonti, poniamo in vendita
piccolo e grazioso hotel adatto perfettamente ad una gestione familiare. More accrediting. CE G 140Kwh/mqanno.
Rif HF724. Richiesta 1.3M

Scoperte le proprietà curative delle acque, In 1911 he left the promotion of the healing properties of the waters, con l’;inauguration of the Fonte Bonifacio VIII; and in the same year that the name was changed to Anticoli Country Fiuggi with the Royal Decree of 9 August, estendendo a tutto il comune la denominazione della frazione che ospitava le fonti e che stava vivendo un rapido sviluppo. Today it is still a popular tourist and healing among the most coveted in Lazio.

Montecatini Terme Tuscany Hotel Sale


Montecatini Terme sell hotel with 21 rooms in excellent condition as well as adjoining ground floor with two bedrooms, bathroom and attic which could be used as apartment manager. Over the boiler room in the basement there are two rooms and a kitchen and bathroom stacked as technical rooms. The;building has a pleasant appearance as similar to a villa of great size, has an entrance porch antistanmte very large terrace used as a bar or restaurant, reception, restaurant and breakfast room, hall and bar with room completano l ';building, all’;outdoor private parking for 5/6 cars. CE G 150Kwh/mqanno. Rif. AM4671. Request 1,150.000

Montecatini Terme Hotel Sale


Montecatini Terme Hotels for sale in an excellent position, has 60 rooms plus large dining room, event hall, spa, hall, reception and many local engineers and appliances. Built in the 30 retains the charm of those ';years, however, has undergone some modernization and restructuring, now the conditions are good, the very large rooms, some with terrace. Hotel that boasts a long-standing customers, among which also many of the show perosonalità. CE G 250 kwh / mqanno. Ref AM4671. Request 2.5M

Montecatini Terme Hotel for Sale

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montecatini_5Montecatini Terme is a renowned spa for its central location in Tuscany offers the ';opportunity for guests
to quickly reach major cities';such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Viareggio sea with a 30-minute ';auto.
The facilities offer a varied range of services and the ';hospitality and always excellent.
Let for sale a hotel with a long tradition of over 60 rooms, conference room, pool, veranda, large hall, large dining room, small garage.
in addition to the technical space. Very interesting opportunity. CE 180 g kWh / mqanno. RifATM268. Private treaty.

Sales-Hotel Saturnia

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Near the famous spa Saturnia is available this hotel restaurant of approximately 1,300 square meters, the rooms have balconies with views over the surrounding countryside, is located near Manchester. The general conditions are discrete, However, there is the possibility of an extension already approved, also you can buy separately an apartment of 100 square meters and the surrounding land. The asking price is interesting, This is a dumb. Sale. € 1.3 M.

see the area

Classroom. G 520,00 kWh / m² anno. More info on request. Rif HT501—;—;—;—;—;—;—;—;—;—;–;home

Tabiano Hotel for Sale

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terme_tabiano,,it,of terme_tabiano,,it

In the note the spa is placed for sale excellent accommodation and started, l ';hotel has over 40 rooms with bathroom and balcony, restaurant, kitchen, breakfast, bar, pool, technical rooms and staff, apartment manager. The area is about 2100 square meters, installations pursuant, furniture 2009. Request 4M. CE F 140 Kwh/mqanno. Ref HE601


The;mineral water of Tabiano comes from springs and wells. It '; one ';cold water, sulphurous-sulphate-calcium-magnesium strongly mineralized (residuo fisso 180 ° C 3660 mg / l) high in bicarbonates (about 600 mg / l) and a high content of hydrogen sulphide.
Already known in 1800 as the ';more sulphurous water d ';Europe, is still considered among the highest concentration of sulphates in water and sulphurous gas. It is formed by leaching of ';meteoric water-carious limestone rocks formed in the area during the Messinian tabianese and is used after a long journey into the depths of the earth.
The sources combine therefore the purity of a ';intensely filtered water, the richness and potential of mineral salts formed millions of years ago.

The Tabiano offer personalized treatments and specific for each disease, based treatment protocols tested and monitored by specialists in each branch, with concrete results validated also by the constant clinical research.
The;sulphurous thermal water, among the richest in sulfur in europe, represents a unique natural heritage with its extraordinary therapeutic efficacy for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases of bronchi, ear, nose and throat.
If you afflict frequent colds, bronchitis, persistent coughs, rhinitis or laryngitis, sinusitis or allergies to Tabiano will find the right therapeutic proposal, because the Tabiano are the spas of breath.

Salsomaggiore Terme-Hotel-Sales

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Nice Hotel for sale a Salsomaggiore Terme consists of 14 rooms 2 and services, on three levels, the ground floor lobby, bar, breakfast room, dining room, kitchen, 6 bedrooms on the first floor, according to 4, third 4. In the basement laundry, Ironing, cellar, other local. All in good condition. Total area 800 sqm. Suitable for young family or first experience. Classroom. G 160 kWh / Guest MQ. Great deal. Rif HS509. Possible takeover mortgage. Request 450.000.




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Chianciano Terme unfinished construction

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Building the rustic dominant view mail in Chianciano Terme in a quiet area outside the city yet is easily accessible.

Total size of 1200sqm over 300 arcades, insists on approximately 3 acres of land fully fenced. It comes with a beautiful tree-lined driveway that leads to the grand staircase in front of the main entrance. The property may provide solutions to various types of residential housing or tourist hotel as exclusive resort spa.

Energy rating not available. Rif CG208

Request 2.5M.