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Hotel for sale Dolomites Belluno area

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Hotel nel Bellunese –; Dolomites:

Open for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, In an enchanting position at about 1500 meters above sea level, partially to be restored but the roof was redone this year, it has 36 en-suite bedrooms plus 8 for staff, breakfast room, restaurant, dining room, bar, parking and garage for 8 cars, no elevator, covered area about 2500 m2 with the possibility of extension of 1200 m2, insists on a plot of 3600 square meters, given the beauty of the place, it boasts visitors from all over the world, occupancy rate around 65%, moderate running costs, excellent turnover with excellent revenues, mortgage presence 200.000 Installment 2300 due 2030. The request is for 1.5 million euros. Possibility RENT TO BUY or rent management 110.000 annui. ; RIF HB164

For more info write to the agency.

Verona Hotel for sale

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Verona Hotel for sale:

Verona, a stone's throw from the center in a very commercial and easy to reach area , sale hotel of about 50 rooms over services and accessories, ottimamente avviato, aperto tutto l’;year, about 65% occupancy, good conditions and facilities up to standard. Not necessary adjustments or restructuring, ready to take over, rent to buy formula is not accepted. It sells for changing lives. 2.2 Mln interesting Request. property and licenses. More information upon subscription to the LOI. The;the immediate outskirts of Verona are extremely interesting for the business sector, in fact from here you can easily reach the Verona Fair with its countless and prestigious fairs and yet, not being a big city, reach the center in a few minutes. HVR65 NON DISPONIBILE


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Veneto Hotel for sale near the sea with fine sandy beach. The city of Caorle, close Venice, is rich in history and its downtown offers charming views really, overlooks the sea and has a picturesque harbor channel. The city also offers much to the most demanding. It has two large beaches and the other one to the east to the west, lined by the many facilities. The hotel that we propose in sale is in a green area just a few steps from the sea and has a large parking lot. Thirty rooms with bathroom and air conditioning, expansion possibilities (available project) . Bar, large dining room, breakfast room, estiva veranda. The owners have commissioned a project to sixteen rooms in more and build a swimming pool that you can examine. The demand is very interesting and there is a mortgage that expires in about sixteen. Classe energetica G 160,00 kWh/m³ anno. Rif HC 300 NON DISPONIBILE home

Riviera del Brenta Hotels for Sale

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air Riviera del Brenta Hotels for sale: Venice 15 km along the Brenta Riviera,l ';Hotel has been converted from a ';old building dating back to the ';600 that was converted from a residence inn in the second half of the seventeenth century. In recent years, a wise restoration has allowed the construction of a hotel from the typical Venetian, All the rooms cozy and spacious, some with beamed ceilings, are tastefully decorated.
The;main entrance leads directly to the front desk in a large room with Venetian flooring expertly restored, bar and breakfast room on the same floor. The;hotel located directly on the fairway of the famous Riviera del Brenta.
Private parking for approximately 40 cars. Three rooms for staff to bring any desired total of 50 local. Ability to purchase even an apartment. Excellent conditions. CE G 189 kWh / mqanno. Rif HV1167.

More info from the Contacts

Bibione Venice Hotel Sale

Bibione is a seaside town not far from Venice and offers many services and entertainment in addition to its large and long sandy beach.
It 'a sale Hotel for sale among the best Bibione, constantly improved over the years. Near the sea, Some rooms have sea views, all have a terrace and bathroom with shower. There are also 6 suites from 30/40 square meters with terrace, 4 junior suites panoramic sea view.
Bar with veranda estiva, breakfast room, dining room, parking for 50 cars, pool. All rooms have air conditioning. Reserved seating at the beach. Excellent customer. The general conditions are good. Possibility for extension 800 cubic meters. There is a mutual. The number of rooms, attendance, customers and the quality of the structure justify the investment required, But that is in line with market prices in the area. Classe energetica G 160,00 kWh/m³ anno. Ref HB 401 REQUEST EURO 5 MILLION. home

Jesolo Hotel Sale


Jesolo seaside hotel of over 100 rooms with many other appliances for sale, more than 18.000 mc , 3000 square meters of parking. Real business opportunities in one of the most popular sea resort and tourist d ';Italy on the Adriatic Sea, a poca distanza da Venezia. CE G 360Kw/mqanno. Rif HV378. Disposal of shares. Informazioni previo accreditamento.

Province of Venice Tourism 2012 : More than 35.000.000 Attendance

Appearances on the coast Jesolo-Eraclea : about 6.000.000


Jesolo Venezia Hotel Vendita-HJ200

Hotel for sale and Jesolo:

Jesolo is very close to Venice and is a very famous and popular seaside resort of 'Adriatic, is on sale in a Hotel near the sea which has 30 rooms and a restaurant open to the public appreciated, in excellent City area. The rooms are equipped with heating and air conditioning, installations pursuant, for there is a fire proproga, Some rooms have shared bathroom. Bar with outdoor summer veranda. Good conditions. Expansion options, for this there is a project that you can view. Annual attendance are very interesting and the asking price makes this hotel an excellent deal. There is a mortgage for which you can take. Class ene. G 350 kW / MW Guest. Rif. HJ 200 home see map

Jesolo has evolved to a city services, comfort, viability of the organization, security, quality, offer of accommodation facilities and opportunities for leisure. Today the tourist accommodation in Jesolo speaks with the language of truly authoritative figures: are 80.000 the beds, Hospitality that with 966 379 arrivals and presences consolidates 3,744,589, respectively, an increase of 6,04%


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TheHotels for sale is one of the most representative of the city of Caorle, near Venice.

The seaside town is rich in history and its downtown offers charming views really, overlooks the sea and has a picturesque harbor channel. The city also offers much to the most demanding. Caorle has two large beaches, one to the east and the other to the west, lined by the many facilities. The hotel offers very spacious and well furnished, a highly rated restaurant, a large living room for reading and relaxing, bar, conservatory and breakfast room in addition to the dining room, Two lifts serve the great structure always very accurate and updated, space in the pool and the beach is not far away, parking. The property also has a project to expand the number of rooms, a parking lot bigger and a raised swimming pool and large terrace. The request is in line with what is offered, is the number of appearances for the quality of the structure, but goes no further than the market prices. RifHC301.

classe energ G 400kw/mq announced home see the area

The Venetian tourism is composed mainly by a flow in a foreign: in 2010 is 60,4% of total admissions. The growth of international tourism has recovered, after the period of stagnation of recent years and now it is confirmed greater than that of domestic tourism ( 2,3% versus -1,8%). The ranking of foreign origins sees an increase in attendance of the nationalities that occupy the top positions for years: German ( 0,5%), austriaci ( 0,7%), francesi ( 2,4%), Swiss ( 3,4%), Danesi ( 2%) and Spanish ( 1,9%). The Americans, which in 2009 had decreased by almost 10%, having suffered more severely the effects of the global economic crisis, they begin to increase ( 1,7%). Russia also continues to climb ( 29%), Japan ( 4,9%) and China ( 25,3%), which arrive respectively at 14 °, 15 ° and 17 ° posto. Chinese and Japanese prefer a visit to the city 's;art, where concentrates 94% of admissions.


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Padua: Hotel for sale prestigious four-star hotel in the city center where there are numerous historical and cultural. Padua is also a very dynamic city with a highly developed economy. Many events that contribute to a powerful boost for tourism and business. Important that the dynamics';hotel deals with a diverse offering and careful. Best Hotels for sale in Veneto. Excellent customer. C.E. G 250,00 kWh / m² year provisional. More information on request. Ref HV105. € on request.


Thanks to the millions of tourists who choose it as their holiday destination, Veneto is holding the record for several years between the regions Italian tourist, as is also confirmed for 2009, latest year available nationally, totaling 14,6% of arrivals and 16,3% of the number of tourists';entire peninsula. No ';other Italian region is able to offer a vacation to 360 degrees, in the best way to satisfy each request. In fact, within a few kilometers, the Veneto is able to offer its visitors a beach holiday, Mountain, become universal heritage of ';humanity, or in natural parks, the hills, the lake, the spa, in cities';unique art to the world, proposing a number of cultural events, entertainment and sports, all enriched by a tradition of excellent food and wine.


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Photo Directory. Bed in Venice for sale, Cannareggio, possible purchase property adjacent to achieve about 14 rooms more than 10 current. The property is made precious by a garden that you stay during the summer. There is also a loft of 90 sqm. C.E. not communicated. RifAV316.