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Sale Hotels in Tuscany,,it,HOTEL for sale in the province of Siena,,it,Sale Hotel in Montalcino,,it, HOTEL in Vendita in provincia di Siena.

Vendita Albergo in Montalcino, by ';top of its 567 meters, dominates the surrounding countryside, perched on a hill on which stands the mighty Fortress fourteenth.

In the heart of Tuscany Montalcino is also famous for the excellence of its wines, including the famous Brunello di Montalcino. TheHotel for sale is located just outside of Montalcino, the equally famous and beautiful Val d'Orcia, The hotel is housed in an old mill for pressing olives. The hotel has eleven rooms including two suites. The swimming pool with Jacuzzi surrounded by greenery and scents of scenic garden. Views,,it,€ 2,,en,5 M,,en. Easy reach of Siena and Grosseto.Classe en. G 360,00 kWh / m² anno. More information on request. € 2,3 MLN. Unique property of its kind in one of the most famous Italian countries in the world thanks to its renowned wine and its history.

The town of Montalcino is the birthplace of the Brunello, one of the most famous red wines in the world. It is located in the province of Siena, ad una altitudine di 567 metri s.l.m., and has a population of about 5.000 people. Inside you can admire the Bishop's Palace and the Church of Sant ';Agostino e San Francesco, both of the thirteenth century.


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Hotel vendita Siena: in the province of Siena in Tuscany.

The;property is a old house the end ';800 which over time has been, repeatedly expanded, and transformed into Hotel, for a total area of ​​1,483 square meters, technical rooms and outbuildings including. The main body consists of an entrance with a small reception, elegant bar room of about 50 square meters with a large veranda, living room with central arch connecting the restaurant to the other 70-80 square meters, which is used both for the bar, all’;occurrence, also for the restaurant. The hotel is located in a town of historical importance and nature located on a plateau in the province of Siena.Classe energ. G 450,00 kWh / m² anno. € 1.650.000. Ottima occasione, si esaminano proposte RENT TO BUY.

The tourist hub of Sarteano consists of the thermal pools. The proximity to major city centers and spas such as:
–; Pienza (famous for its pecorino cheese),
–; Montalcino (renowned for the production of the famous Brunello wine),
–; San Casciano dei Bagni (exclusive spa),
–; Montepulciano, famous for the production of wine ";noble ";.


Florence Small Hotel Charme_Vendita,,it,Florence Small Hotel Charme_Vendita,,it,Sale Hotels Tuscany Florence,,it,Firenze small charming hotel for sale,,it,first commercial edge,,it,with international clientele,,it

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Vendita Alberghi Toscana-Firenze.

Firenze piccolo hotel di charme in vendita, prima periferia commerciale, con clientela internazionale, in close proximity to the city center or places of Chianti and Florentine hills, attention to detail and very oriented to customer satisfaction, refined and spacious, spread over an entire building of approximately 460 square meters, local technical, lift, reception, breakfast room with kitchenette parking for several cars, conditioning and excellent soundproofing, installations pursuant. All in excellent condition. Suitable for family to get a good income. Good opportunity for investment property and separate management. Presenza leasing. Rif HTF548
G 321 kWh / mqanno

Bibione Venice Hotel Sale

Bibione is a seaside town not far from Venice and offers many services and entertainment in addition to its large and long sandy beach.
It 'a sale Hotel for sale among the best Bibione, constantly improved over the years. Near the sea, Some rooms have sea views, all have a terrace and bathroom with shower. There are also 6 suites from 30/40 square meters with terrace, 4 junior suites panoramic sea view.
Bar with veranda estiva, breakfast room, dining room, parking for 50 cars, pool. All rooms have air conditioning. Reserved seating at the beach. Excellent customer. The general conditions are good. Possibility for extension 800 cubic meters. There is a mutual. The number of rooms, attendance, customers and the quality of the structure justify the investment required, But that is in line with market prices in the area. Classe energetica G 160,00 kWh/m³ anno. Ref HB 401 REQUEST EURO 5 MILLION. home

Jesolo Venezia Hotel Vendita-HJ200

Hotel for sale and Jesolo:

Jesolo is very close to Venice and is a very famous and popular seaside resort of 'Adriatic, is on sale in a Hotel near the sea which has 30 rooms and a restaurant open to the public appreciated, in excellent City area. The rooms are equipped with heating and air conditioning, installations pursuant, for there is a fire proproga, Some rooms have shared bathroom. Bar with outdoor summer veranda. Good conditions. Expansion options, for this there is a project that you can view. Annual attendance are very interesting and the asking price makes this hotel an excellent deal. There is a mortgage for which you can take. Class ene. G 350 kW / MW Guest. Rif. HJ 200 home see map

Jesolo has evolved to a city services, comfort, viability of the organization, security, quality, offer of accommodation facilities and opportunities for leisure. Today the tourist accommodation in Jesolo speaks with the language of truly authoritative figures: are 80.000 the beds, Hospitality that with 966 379 arrivals and presences consolidates 3,744,589, respectively, an increase of 6,04%


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TheHotels for sale is one of the most representative of the city of Caorle, near Venice.

The seaside town is rich in history and its downtown offers charming views really, overlooks the sea and has a picturesque harbor channel. The city also offers much to the most demanding. Caorle has two large beaches, one to the east and the other to the west, lined by the many facilities. The hotel offers very spacious and well furnished, a highly rated restaurant, a large living room for reading and relaxing, bar, conservatory and breakfast room in addition to the dining room, Two lifts serve the great structure always very accurate and updated, space in the pool and the beach is not far away, parking. The property also has a project to expand the number of rooms, a parking lot bigger and a raised swimming pool and large terrace. The request is in line with what is offered, is the number of appearances for the quality of the structure, but goes no further than the market prices. RifHC301.

classe energ G 400kw/mq announced home see the area

The Venetian tourism is composed mainly by a flow in a foreign: in 2010 is 60,4% of total admissions. The growth of international tourism has recovered, after the period of stagnation of recent years and now it is confirmed greater than that of domestic tourism ( 2,3% versus -1,8%). The ranking of foreign origins sees an increase in attendance of the nationalities that occupy the top positions for years: German ( 0,5%), austriaci ( 0,7%), francesi ( 2,4%), Swiss ( 3,4%), Danesi ( 2%) and Spanish ( 1,9%). The Americans, which in 2009 had decreased by almost 10%, having suffered more severely the effects of the global economic crisis, they begin to increase ( 1,7%). Russia also continues to climb ( 29%), Japan ( 4,9%) and China ( 25,3%), which arrive respectively at 14 °, 15 ° and 17 ° posto. Chinese and Japanese prefer a visit to the city 's;art, where concentrates 94% of admissions.


The; Hotel is located near the Trevi Fountain, has 20 rooms with bathroom, air conditioning, relaxation room, reserved parking spaces in the garage not far. It is sold l ';entire property. Energy rating. G 250,00 kWh / m². Rif HR 387. Sold.


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In the well known and loved Val di Sole propose for sale one Charming Hotel the best structure for the care of the details, services rendered and comfort, that make your stay unforgettable. Perfectly located for skiers, and the nature, Summer sports and leisure. It can also boast a long tradition of hospitality over the years and garnered a loyal. It has rooms and suites, spa. Hotel for Sale in the Dolomites of Trentino. ILIVE G 350Kwh/mqanno

The deal is strictly confidential.

Rif HMT049


Surrounded by some of the most famous mountain ranges in the Alps (Brenta Dolomites, Adamello and Ortler Alps Presanella), Val di Sole ski area is the largest in the western Trentino. In its winter resorts of Folgarida-Marilleva, Peio and Passo Tonale There are slopes for all levels of difficulty both for skiers and for snowboarders. The Val di Sole, however, not only skiing da discesa. If the thrill and speed you prefer the solitude and tranquility of the snowy landscapes, the valley offers several opportunities for cross country skiing, it Alpine skiing, hiking with snowshoes (the Snowshoeing) and in nordic walking. And still other alternatives to skiing and plenty of activities for the 'after ski. The Stelvio National Park to the north and the Adamello Brenta south of Val di Sole are an area surrounded by nature, where more than one third of the area is devoted to a protected area where you can breathe the air of the world is still intact. The Dolomites are located at the western end of the Dolomite and appear as an island of dolomite. The massif has a development north-south along 40 km and a width of 12 km. Is bounded to the north Val di Sole, east of the Val di Non, and Paganella, to the south the Giudicarie, e ad ovest la Valle Rendena. The entire group of Brenta is included in the territory of the Adamello Brenta. Unlike other mountain groups, where everything is slim line and plasticity of the masses, This superb ridge of limestone and dolomite contents are majestic and austere, where the rocky walls culminate in peaks and corners of various shapes and sizes. Guaranteed skiing conditions of all 270 km of slopesVal di Sole and 97 ski lifts on. The excellent skiing conditions in the 3 MOUNTAIN ski area BRENTA (Folgarida-Marilleva, Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo), PITCH TONEand PEIO is ensured by the high share of the slopes, by geographical location south of the Alps and innovative snow-making systems.

Firenze Hotel Vendita


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Hotel for sale Florence housed in a building of 1800, is located in a quiet area of ??Florence and seeds Central not far from Piazza del Duomo. It has 21 rooms, the restructuring has endeavored to preserve the charm of 'motionless epoca and also find the charm of the furnishings. Breakfast room and conservatory. Sale. Euro 2,2M

Classroom. G 450,00 kWh / m² year Prov. More information available on request.home—;—;—;–;see map

The leadership of Tuscany. In 2009, the field of ';intermediation of travel has accused the repercussions of the economic crisis. The;Italy has suffered less this fall before confirming the destination requested by the client. In this scenario Tuscany has maintained its leadership by being a strong product and sufficiently independent of the variability of the markets. Again in 2009, Tuscany is the best-selling destination on the part of operators who l ';Italia in Europe, United States and Japan. The big cities';art remain the main product sold in all markets conquering Japan traditionally associated with tourism routes. In 2009, the New York remains the main competitor of Tuscany, supported by the Veneto in Europe, United States and India and England on the Japanese market.


Chianciano Terme-Hotel-Sale

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Chianciano Terme is a famous and popular resort town in Tuscany. Inside the park of Chianciano Terme water is found beneficial for the treatment of diseases of the liver, biliary, kidney and urinary tract, and care ENT and arthrorheumatic. The hotel for sale dates back to early twentieth century and has always been a good customer that hosts in about sixty rooms with every comfort. Highly rated restaurant. C.E. G 250,00 kWh / m² year provisional. More info on request. Attractive price. Rif HT702.


Chianciano Terme
Acqua Santa –; It stimulates the production of bile in the liver, aiding in digestion and the ';absorption of dietary fat, avail themselves of treatment in particular hydropinic with Holy Water of Chianciano's paintings functional impairment associated with hepato-biliary diseases of the liver; various surgical interventions on the bile duct, etc.. in fact, over time become a real symbol of well-being, located in a lush nature, is a modern continuation of ancient Roman thermal tradition. The Terme di Chianciano Terme, moreover, are characterized by advanced techniques and highly skilled staff.