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Riviera del Brenta Hotels for Sale

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air Riviera del Brenta Hotels for sale: Venice 15 km along the Brenta Riviera,l ';Hotel has been converted from a ';old building dating back to the ';600 that was converted from a residence inn in the second half of the seventeenth century. In recent years, a wise restoration has allowed the construction of a hotel from the typical Venetian, All the rooms cozy and spacious, some with beamed ceilings, are tastefully decorated.
The;main entrance leads directly to the front desk in a large room with Venetian flooring expertly restored, bar and breakfast room on the same floor. The;hotel located directly on the fairway of the famous Riviera del Brenta.
Private parking for approximately 40 cars. Three rooms for staff to bring any desired total of 50 local. Ability to purchase even an apartment. Excellent conditions. CE G 189 kWh / mqanno. Rif HV1167.

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Sardinia Hotel Sea Project

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Sale hotel to achieve the sea North West Sardinia between Alghero and Olbia, in the Gulf of '; Asinara, we put for sale plot of land facing the sea with approved project for the construction of a hotel of 110 rooms as well as services and appliances. The;area of ​​great interest is close to the tourist area of ​​the spa Casteldoria, the two airports of Alghero and Olbia 70 Km 90 Km 50 Km near Porto Torres harbor of Castelsardo, make it easily accessible. The project is spread over an area of ​​about 3 hectares opposite a beautiful beach. We provide extensive report on request. Ref SA212. REQUEST negotiable 2 MILLION EURO. GOOD INVESTMENT.

Florence 5 Star Hotels for Sale

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Firenze Hotel 5 Stelle: NOT ANYMORE'; AVAILABLE

In an enchanting position 5 Star Hotels for sale, refined, park, pool.

CE G. Ref 331. More after LOI.

Jesolo Hotel Sale


Jesolo seaside hotel of over 100 rooms with many other appliances for sale, more than 18.000 mc , 3000 square meters of parking. Real business opportunities in one of the most popular sea resort and tourist d ';Italy on the Adriatic Sea, a poca distanza da Venezia. CE G 360Kw/mqanno. Rif HV378. Disposal of shares. Informazioni previo accreditamento.

Province of Venice Tourism 2012 : More than 35.000.000 Attendance

Appearances on the coast Jesolo-Eraclea : about 6.000.000


Hotel Lido di Savio Sale Ravenna

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Ravenna: Lido di Savio

a pochi passi dal mare poniamo in vendita ottimo Albergo di circa 1400 mq oltre parcheggio e piscina oltre pertinenze.
impianti completamente a norma, riscaldamento e condizionamento. Mobilio recente. Presenza mutuo possibilità subentro.
Excellent tour d ';business. CE G 180kwh/mqanno.
Rif HR269. Trattativa Riservata.

Hotel for sale in Lignano Sabbiadoro

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Lignano Sabbiadoro

In the famous Friulian coast we put for sale in Lignano Sabbiadoro hotel consists of 40 rooms, oltre sala ristorante, bar, e altre pertinenze, parking, 200 meters away from the sea. Condizioni generali buone e impianti a norma. CE G 250Kwh/mqanno. Rif HMA947. Request 4M negotiable.


Tourism Friuli Venezia Giulia:

The region offers a wide range of jobs for those who want a holiday ';banner of ';energy and movement: endless opportunities to practice sport and activities in nature, sia in estate che in inverno, to regenerate through a healthy physical activity all’;outdoors, immersed in unexpected scenarios and landscapes that retain the charm of ';other times. Between sea, hills and mountains. Also a favorite destination for many foreign tourists during ';Summer is Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Hotel 4 Stelle Firenze Vendita

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(Foto di Repertorio Città del Mondo)

Florence :

4-star hotel with over 150 rooms for sale. Private treaty.

Hotel for Sale Campo Felice Abruzzo

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In Abruzzo zona sciistica e naturalistica di Campo Felice vendiamo:
L’albergo è realizzato da tre corpi di fabbrica A-B-C , la distribuzione interna dei locali si articola al piano terra ingresso sala reception e Hall, centro benessere costituito da sauna, minipiscina idromassaggio, palestra , ludoteca per bambini, sala animazione spettacoli, bar pizzeria , sala giochi ; on the first floor restaurant with 160 seats, al primo , second and third floors with elevator service 50 bedrooms with attached toilets relating to their internal and local technicians to the attic to use laundry, stirereia , magazzino e stenditoio. 344 lot area of ​​1586 square meters , the building on three floors PT-1 ° -2 ° -3 ° ABC body with a total gross area 3300 square meters for an eaves height of approximately 10 linear feet,15 rooms total volume of 8011 cubic Technical generator and water tanks 56 sqm , areas for walkways to 515 square meters. completion of the hotel has been designed with a structure over 650 square meters of skating on ice, 2 technical rooms , dressing room and 2 bathrooms and garage under 400 square meters of space and ski rental. CE G 260Kwh/mqanno. Ref AM2089. Excellent opportunity, extremely attractive price.

Sold Hotel a Fiuggi

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Vicino a Roma nella rinomata città di Fiuggi rinomata per le sue benefiche acque, in posizione centrale e vicino alle fonti, poniamo in vendita
piccolo e grazioso hotel adatto perfettamente ad una gestione familiare. More accrediting. CE G 140Kwh/mqanno.
Rif HF724. Richiesta 1.3M

Scoperte le proprietà curative delle acque, In 1911 he left the promotion of the healing properties of the waters, con l’;inauguration of the Fonte Bonifacio VIII; and in the same year that the name was changed to Anticoli Country Fiuggi with the Royal Decree of 9 August, estendendo a tutto il comune la denominazione della frazione che ospitava le fonti e che stava vivendo un rapido sviluppo. Today it is still a popular tourist and healing among the most coveted in Lazio.

Suburbs Milan Hotel Residence Sale

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Located 20 kilometers from the center of Milan for sale project for the construction of 80 or more than 130 rooms all appliances, cantierabile subito, ottima opportunità di business con ampia possibilità di personalizzazione. Can also provide the realization of the ';whole complex with the formula ";Turnkey ";. Maggiori informazioni disponibili accreditandosi. CE non disponibile. Rif HM3789