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Prestigious Hotel in Alberobello Sale

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In the typical town of the trulli, Alberobello, is offered for sale in exclusive prestigious hotel of recent construction. It has 31 suites with all comforts and a balcony. Sala tea, Due Bar, Conference Room, Two restaurant rooms with a first-class, Roof Garden, Solarium and Terrace, Private parking. Excellent conditions and the possibility of extension for a further 1000 square meters. Good employment rate. Customers from all over the world being the city's most typical of Alberobello Puglia and ever in Italy, heritage of ';UNESCO. CE G 280Kwh/mqanno. RifAA89. More accrediting.


Alberobello ( Silva Arboris Belli in latino , Ajarubbèdde in dialetto barese ), is an Italian town of 12,000 inhabitants in the province of Bari , in Puglia , the center of Valle d ';Itria and Murgia of Trulli . Famous for its characteristic houses, calls that Trulli, 1996 , are the heritage of ';of humanity '; UNESCO [3] , is part of the Valley ';Itria .
The history of these very special buildings is linked to an edict of the Kingdom of Naples in the fifteenth century underwent a tribute every new settlement. The Counts of Conversano, owners of the land on which it stands today Alberobello, imposed then sent to the farmers in these dry lands to build, without using mortar, their homes, so that they could be seen as precarious buildings, easy to demolition.

They therefore use only stones, the farmers found in round shape with self-supporting dome roof, composed of overlapping circles of stones, the simplest configuration and solid. The domed roofs of the trulli are embellished with decorative pinnacles, whose shape is inspired by symbolic elements, mystical and religious.
They were made by maestranza taken for the construction of the trullo and identified the ';craftsman. Depending on the quality of the workmanship of the pinnacle could therefore identify not only the skill of the artisan manufacturer, but also the value of the construction. Higher spending in the construction of the trullo allowed therefore to identify, the wealthiest families from less wealthy.
As for the symbols painted on the roofs of the trulli often take a religious significance; can sometimes be signs of the zodiac. Pinnacle and symbol painted together formed a sort of identification number, as long Alberobello saw denied official recognition by the Counts of Conversano.